Paul has over twenty years of experience in large-scale computer systems design and implementation.

He began his career with CAE Electronics in Montreal as a programmer/analyst working on a full-scale replica of a Nuclear Control Center for use in operator training.  Paul quickly developed a reputation for hard work and getting results.  His ability to complete jobs, understand the customer’s requirements, and pull together a team, led to his being involved in many high profile projects.  He formed Ibridge in June 1995.  At Ibridge, Paul continues to act in a technical role as well as performing the role of Project Manager and Company President.

In the course of his career, Paul has held positions from software integration specialist, to systems architect, to project leader on multi-million dollar projects, including:

  • Cyber Security Consultant for Critical Infrastructure at one of the largest Electric Utilities in the United States.
  • The CF-18 Weapon Systems Software Support Facility.
  • The Guri, Venezuela hydroelectric power plant control center (10,000 MW Installed capacity).
  • An Energy Management System for control of the high voltage transmission network in central and northern New Jersey.
  • The Crew Station Research and development Facility (CSRDF) at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California (rotorcraft).
  • The Utility Communications Architecture / Data Access Integration Services project for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).
  • Asset Management System responsible for cost and scheduling of several billion dollars worth of electrical generation assets.
  • A Hump Yard process Control System responsible for humping over 3000 freight car per day.
  • An Oracle web Portal for 30,000 university students.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (First division) from the University of New Brunswick in 1984.


Skill Set

Cyber Security (NERC)

Test Specialist

Interpreting/Applying Standards

Asset Management Databases

Technical Leader

SCADA / Energy Management Applications

Project Manager

Flight and Tactical Simulation

System Architect

Communication Protocols

Supervisory Skills

Hump Yard Control Systems

Data Modeling


Relational Databases (ORACLE)

Real-time Programming

Client/Server Architectures

Functional Spanish Language

Real-time Databases

Web Server Development

Performance Analysis